Only For Real Estate Investors (special episode)

February 28, 2018

This podcast episode is dedicated to Real Estate Investors trying to do their first deal or stuck and can't get into the next one. Maybe you have struggled for a few months or even years to get a deal done, this episode is just for you.

Here is the link that I mention in the episode:


Bryan Perez on the Fearless Millionaire Show

November 1, 2017

In this episode, we have Bryan Perez who has gone through a bunch of ups and downs and started from nothing to building a BIG something. Listen in to hear what he does to build his network and net worth.

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What’s Really Holding You Back

October 27, 2017

Most will think the biggest things that hold them back is time or mone but that's wrong. The truth is the biggest things holding you back exist in your mind and we share them here in this episode.




Clarity - Confidence - Cashflow

April 21, 2017

In this episode of Fearless Friday we dive deep into the importance of gaining clarity in your passion, then taking some simple steps of confidence that can bring you into cash flow. Nathan shares some true life powerful stories of how other Fearless Millionaires went from stuck to luck! 


Success does’t care about your feelings but guess who should?

October 7, 2016
Behind The Vault - Episode #2

Guess Who’s Responsible?

October 5, 2016

Behind The Vault Episode #1